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Backstop net EXIT 900 cm

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Product description

The EXIT Backstop Net 900 is the ideal ball catcher for the garden! During a game of soccer or basketball, the ball frequently rolls far away, hitting flower boxes or disappearing over the hedges. You prevent this with the EXIT Backstop Net 600 and in addition, you protect any bystanders. This also makes playing more convenient, because the ball stays in the playing field and you don't have to constantly chase after it to retrieve it.

The dimensions of the Exit Backstop Net are 300cm x 900cm and it consists of three parts that are 300cm long and 300cm tall, which are connected to each other and can be set up at an angle. The size of the angle can be adjusted, providing maximum stability and easy to place in both a small and large garden or in an open sports field. The Backstop Net stands firmly on the grass by means of 4 horizontal feet that are fixed to the ground using pins and 1 ground anchor. Optimal stability!

The frame is made of galvanised and coated metal. The poles have a diameter of 38mm and are 1.2mm thick. The poles are very light in weight, so that you can easily dismantle the frame by using the click system. The heavy-­‐duty black net is made from polyester; it is 3mm thick with a mesh width of 8 cm. The black colour of the net makes is less obtrusive so that the EXIT Backstop Net 900 will certainly fit in with your garden!

No problem having the kids play soccer, basketball or volleyball in the garden. With the EXIT Backstop Net 900 in the garden, everyone is happy: parents and children! Write your review