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Poker set 500 chips 11,5 gr with value in aluminium case

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Product description

A set of 500 poker chips with value in an elegant aluminum case. Both chips as well as cards and dice are made of high quality materials.

PROFESSIONAL GAME CARDS - plastic cards are included in the set! Compared to ordinary paper cards, plastic ones are more durable and tear-resistant. Even after many hours of gameplay, they will remain in perfect, intact condition. The set also includes a mat, thanks to which all the accessories will be in their specially designated places during the game.

PROFESSIONAL CHIPS. The tokens in the set have a weight of 11.5 grams, a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 3.4 mm. Professional sizes. In addition, the denomination is marked on the chips, which greatly facilitates the game. 

FUNCTIONAL CHIPS - the set comes with a set of 3 functional tokens that allow you to keep the order and order in the game. DEALER is a dealer token and moves clockwise during the game. SMALL BIND means the first player sitting with the dealer. BIG BLIND means the second player sitting behind the dealer.

ALUMINUM CASE - The poker set is packed in a very durable case made of aluminum. It has an ergonomic handle that allows convenient carrying and transport. We can easily take her to friends or on a trip.

SAFE CONTENT - the inside of the suitcase has been specially protected, each element has its own embossed place so that everything is always in place when you carry it. On the other side there is a sponge that stabilizes the interior during transport, making the set safe.


  • 500 tokens weighing 11.5 gr. , 40 mm diameter and 3.4 mm thick (professional sizes !!!) Including:
    150 gray - value 1 (without marking)
    100 red -  value 5
    100 green -  value 25
    50 black -  value 100
    50 blue -  value 10
    25 violet -  value 500
    25 yellows - denominated 1000
  •  two plastic card decks (2 x 54 cards)
  •  five acrylic, transparent dice
  •  3 function chips: 1 dealer, 1 big blind, 1 small blind
  •  green cloth measuring 96 cm x 60 cm
  •  a lockable aluminum suitcase measuring 56 cm x 21 cm x 7 cm with two keys
  •  set weight about 8.4 kg